Tuesday, July 10, 2012


When I mentioned that I was going to start a blog, one of my friends chimed in with, “Welcome to 2004!” He’s right – I’m way behind the times. I don’t own an iPod or a smart-phone or any number of gadgets that others consider indispensible. And, frankly, I don’t care. My cell phone takes and makes calls. My camera takes pictures. The stereo in my car and home, as well as my computer, play music. I still like CDs instead of Mp3 files – I like to look at the liner notes and the packaging. I have an iPad, which was a gift, and I read eBooks, but I still buy real books ten times more frequently than eBooks. If I love an eBook, I immediately buy the real book so it can sit on my shelves. Hell, I still love vinyl records!

But why not blog? I’m a writer, after all, and blogging seems completely natural for a writer…right? For a long time my answer has been no. I spend so much time writing fiction, editing fiction, and keeping up with my connections on Facebook and Twitter, not to mention answering emails, that I didn’t think my voice needed another outlet. I wasn’t even sure I could find the time.

But here I am. Here I am…

Why am I here?

Let me try to answer. I’ve made a lot of great connections over the last year, and several of those people, who have been very kind to me with blog features and guest posts, have asked me if they could be on my blog. And I’ve always had to say no, not because I didn’t want to reciprocate their kindness, but because I didn’t have a flippin’ blog. So here’s my long overdue answer…my blog.

Will I fall in love with this blog? Maybe. Will I sell more books? I hope so. Will I make more connections? Again, I hope so. Despite all those motivations, I want my blog to be something…worth reading. If I amplify the voices I love, I’ll keep blogging. If I get bored or feel that my blog is no longer doing something interesting, I’ll nuke this experiment in a heartbeat.   

So here are the ground rules. This is not a review site, though I will occasionally post a review of something I love. This is not a blind-feature site. I will feature authors and filmmakers and anyone else I deem amazing, but I’m not going to feature authors and books I haven’t read. You can offer me copies of your books for review, and I’ll take ‘em – I love free books! – but I can’t promise that I’ll read them quickly.

Now it’s time to whet your appetites. My first official feature will be an interview with author and filmmaker Eric Shapiro. Eric is a brilliant artist and a wonderful friend, and my interview with him will run next week. We’ll break some news here, and we’ll have tons of fun. Hope you tune in, dear friends.


Peter Giglio


  1. Hi there! I'm the guy who made the "Welcome to 2004!" crack. :-)

    Having done a couple of blogs myself, here's my totally unsolicited advice:

    1. Post regularly. Even if it's just a simple link to something interesting, try to post a few times a week at least.

    2. Make it about more than just writing/reading. That way you can have a broader audience who might not otherwise know/read your work.

    3. Respond to comments. The whole point is to have a discussion. So talk with your readers rather than at them.

    4. Have fun!! If it gets to be a drag, stop blogging. Well, unless you start making money/selling tons of books. In that case, hire me as your ghost blogger.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts from at least one guy who will make sure to often visit.

  2. Welcome to the realm of blogging, Pete! It's great to see you on board (though I must admit, I, too, am a bit behind the times for some things. But change is not always a bad thing, eh?)

    I look forward to your thoughts and posts, and I will certainly keep a lookout for Mr. Shapiro's interview.

    Best of luck,

  3. I agree with Mark D on all points - make it wider than just writing/reading - gives you more to say and makes it engaging for readers...just my tuppence worth - plus...looking good!



  4. Hey Peter,

    I only started blogging last October, I'm still here & enjoying it.
    You'll have your good, great & occasional god-awful times but it's worth it!
    I started mine after spending a lot of time trying to find a horror blog that I enjoyed & showed the process of writing good horror fiction; I couldn't find one that had it all. So I started my own!
    I wanted it laid-back, but informative, funny in a dumb ass way (how else could I have come up with that title?!) & different in everyway I could manage.

    You have the right starting viewpoint; love it or leave it. Start asking around for those lovely review books!

  5. Welcome! I've been blogging for going on seven years now. Many come and go. It's tough staying with it for this long, but I've made real friendships and great connections with other writers on here.

    The best thing you can do is give. Read other blogs. Comment. And it will come back to you ten-fold, brother.