Monday, November 19, 2012

Release Updates

Here is some information about my publications slated for release between now and spring of next year. I'm very excited about each of these projects.

Release Date: 12/12/12
This is my third anthology as editor, and I've never been more excited about the results. Here is a look at the book's staggering table of contents. Can't wait to get these stories out to readers.
Table of Contents
A Note from the Editor [7] Peter Giglio
No More Shadows [11] Tim Waggoner
A Curse and a Kiss [37] Eric J. Guignard
Depravation [59] Mark Allan Gunnells
The Girl with the Thirsty Eyes [73] Scott Bradley
Slink [85] Trent Zelazny
Vampiro [105] John Palisano
Kristall Tag [119] Holly Newstein
The Tardy Hand of Miss Tangerine [135] Jon Michael Kelley
Vanishing Act [165] Simon McCaffery
Windows in the Wreckage [181] Trent Zelazny
Coyote Gambit [195] Gene O’Neill
Closing Time [215] Amy Wallace
"Game Changer"
in NIGHTSCAPES, VOL. 1 (Nightscape Press)
Release Date: 1/29/13
Cover Art: TBD

I'm thrilled to have a story featured in Nightscape Press' new anthology, the first in what I hope will be a very long series. Here's a look at the company I'll be keeping. Note: This is not the final TOC order.
A Dry Spell in Parnell County by Ed Kurtz
A Taste of Green Voodoo Healing by Peter N. Dudar
Angel Killer by Lisa Morton
Autumn’s Gifts by Jeremy Terry
Chopper by Bryan Hall
Corruption by Lisa Mannetti
Deviant Colors by Benjamin Kane Ethridge
Fly by Jonathan Templar
Game Changer by Peter Giglio
Guadalupe’s Tamales by Shane McKenzie
House Hunting by Ray Garton
How to Save a Life by Chris Marrs
In the Halls and on the Stairs by Brad C. Hodson
Mary Kelly’s Face by John Forth
Skins by Richard Wright
Still by Charles Colyott
Surprise Inside by Tonia Brown
The Big Dream by J.S. Reinhardt
The Rag-End of Dreams by Trent Zelazny
Village Green by Boyd E. Harris
Vision by Megan N. Moore
Wee Ones by C.W. LaSart
Whispers in the Trees, Screams in the Dark by Taylor Grant
Worldly Possessions by Richard Salter

in AFTER DEATH... (Dark Moon Books)
Edited by Eric J. Guignard
Release Date: March/April 2013

This is another anthology I'm beyond pleased to be part of. Here's a look at the TOC:
Andrew S. WilliamsSomeone to Remember
David TallermanPrisoner of Peace
Steve Rasnic TemThe Last Moments Before Bed
Lisa MortonThe Resurrection Policy
John M. FloydHigh Places
Kelda CrichCircling the Stones at Fulcrum's Low
David SteffenI Will Remain
Aaron J. FrenchTree of Life
Sanford Allen & Josh RountreeThe Reckless Alternative
Brad C. HodsonThe Thousandth Hell
James S. Dorr Mall Rats
Ray CluleyAfterword
Jonathan ShipleyLike a Bat out of Hell
Edward M. ErdelacSea of Trees
Jacob EdwardsThe Overlander
Bentley LittleMy Father Knew Douglas MacArthur
Jamie LackeyRobot Heaven
John PalisanoForever
Robert B. Marcus, Jr.Beyond the Veil
Alvaro RodriguezBoy, 7
William Meikle Be Quiet At The Back
Christine MorganA Feast of Meat and Mead
Simon ClarkHammerhead
Peter GiglioCages
Kelly DunnMarvel at the Face of Forever
Trevor DenyerThe Unfinished Lunch
Steve CameronI Was The Walrus
Larry HodgesThe Devil's Backbone
Benjamin Kane EthridgeThe Death of E. Coli
Emily C. SkaftunFinal Testament of a Weapons Engineer
Joe McKinneyAcclimation Package
Josh StrnadHellevator
Allan IzenIn and Out the Window
John LanganWith Max Barry in the Nearer Precincts
A Sunfall Novel
Release Date: 4/1/2013

Peter Giglio returns to the fictional town of Sunfall, Nebraska, this time with a rural crime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The only thing Jack Lewis has ever been good at is taking care of his eleven-year-old niece, Nora, whose mother has gone off the rails with a series of bad decisions. The time has come for Jack to be a man, but just as a plan to get his family out of town takes shape, an old friend enters the picture, bringing with him a dark night of murder and betrayal.

Now Jack must stand firm for those he loves as he struggles between the promising new life in bloom and the dark secret of a dead girl from California.

Stealing Night is a riveting exploration of our best and worst angels, of the familial ties that bend but never break, of the decisions we make, and the high cost of hesitation in the face of evil.

Stealing Night masterfully weaves themes of humanity and sacrifice into a story of love, life, and redemption. Peter Giglio’s compelling thriller will keep you captivated until the very end!”
Rena Mason, author of The Evolutionist


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