Sunday, January 20, 2013

2012 Bram Stoker Award ® Preliminary Ballot Announced


Bodner, Hal - The Trouble with Hairy (Phantom Hollow Publishing)
Clines, Peter - 14 (Permuted Press)
Ethridge, Benjamin Kane - Bottled Abyss (Redrum Horror)
Everson, John - NightWhere (Samhain Publishing)
Faherty, JG - Cemetery Club (JournalStone)
Jordan, Lee F. - Coronation (Black Rose Writing)
Kiernan, Caitlin R. - The Drowning Girl (Roc)
Little, Bentley - The Haunted (Signet)
McKinney, Joe - Inheritance (Evil Jester Press)


Boccacino, Michael - Charlotte Markham and the House of Darklings (William Morrow)
Coates, Deborah - Wide Open (Tor Books)
Day, Charles - The Legend of the Pumpkin Thief (Noble YA Publishers LLC)
Dudar, Peter - A Requiem for Dead Flies (Nightscape Press)
Gropp, Richard - Bad Glass (Ballantine/Del Rey)
Hatchell, Dane - Resurrection X: Zombie Evolution (Post Mortem Press)
Holm, Chris - Dead Harvest (Angry Robot)
Jones, K. Trap - The Sinner (Blood Bound Books)
Soares, L.L. - Life Rage (Nightscape Press)
Sterbakov, Hugh - City Under the Moon (Ben & Derek Ink Inc.)


Bickle, Laura - The Hallowed Ones (Graphia)
Bray, Libba - The Diviners (Little Brown)
Burt, Steve - FreeK Show (Burt Creations)
Collings, Michaelbrent - Hooked: A True Faerie Tale (Createspace/Amazon Digital Services, Inc.)
Lyga, Barry - I Hunt Killers (Little Brown)
Maberry, Jonathan - Flesh & Bone (Simon & Schuster)
McCarty, Michael - I Kissed A Ghoul (Noble Romance Publishing)
Stiefvater, Maggie - The Raven Boys (Scholastic Press)
Strand, Jeff - A Bad Day for Voodoo (Sourcebooks)
Waters, Daniel - Break My Heart 1,000 Times (Hyperion Book CH)
Wilson, Connie Corcoran - The Color of Evil (Quad Cities Press)


Burke, Kealan Patrick - Thirty Miles South of Dry County (Delirium Books)
Faherty, JG - The Cold Spot (Delirium Books)
Giglio, Peter - Sunfall Manor (Nightscape Press)
Ketchum, Jack, and Lucky McGee - I'm Not Sam (Sinister Grin Press)
Malfi, Ronald - The Mourning House (Delirium Books)
McKinney, Joe, and Michael McCarty - Lost Girl of the Lake (Bad Moon Books)
Miskowski, S.P. - Delphine Dodd (Omnium Gatherum Media)
O'Neill, Gene - The Blue Heron (Dark Regions Press)
Prentiss, Norman - The Fleshless Man (Delirium Books)
Thompson, Lee - When We Join Jesus in Hell (Darkfuse)


Bailey, Michael - "Bootstrap" (Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad, Smart Rhino Publications)
Boston, Bruce - "Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest" (Daily Science Fiction)
Breaux, Kevin James - "The Journal of USS Indianapolis Survivor: Stefanos 'Stevie' Georgiou" (Zombie Jesus & Other True Stories, Dark Moon Books)
Cushing, Nicole - "A Catechism for Aspiring Amnesiacs" (Lovecraft eZine, March 2012)
Lake, Jay - "The Cancer Catechism" (Dark Faith: Invocations, Apex Book Company)
McKinney, Joe - "Bury My Heart at Marvin Gardens" (Best of Dark Moon Digest, Dark Moon Books)
Ochse, Weston - "Righteous" (Psychos, Black Dog and Leventhall Publication)
Palisano, John - "Available Light" (Lovecraft eZine, March 2012)
Snyder, Lucy - "Magdala Amygdala" (Dark Faith: Invocations, Apex Book Company)


Hill, Susan, and Goldman, Jane - The Woman in Black (Cross Creek Pictures)
Kim, San Kyu - The Walking Dead, "Killer Within" (AMC TV)
Minear, Tim - American Horror Story: Asylum, "Dark Cousin" (Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision, Ryan Murphy Productions)
Olynyk, Signe - Below Zero (Twilight Pictures)
Ross, Gary, Suzanne Collins, and Billy Ray - The Hunger Games (Lionsgate, Color Force)
Sanchez, Eduardo, and Jaime Nash - Lovely Molly (Amber Entertainment, Haxan Films)
Whedon, Joss, and Drew Goddard - The Cabin in the Woods (Mutant Enemy Productions, Lionsgate)


Beebe, Eric - Fear the Abyss (Post Mortem Press)
Castle, Mort, and Sam Weller - Shadow Show (HarperCollins)
Gallows Press - Tales from the Yellow Rose Diner and Fill Station (Gallows Press)
Guignard, Eric J. - Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations (Dark Moon Books)
Miller, Eric - Hell Comes to Hollywood (Big Time Books)
Salter, Richard - World's Collider (Nightscape Press)
Scalisi, Patrick - The Ghost IS the Machine (Port Mortem Press)
Scioneaux, Mark C., R.J. Cavender, and Robert S. Wilson - Horror for Good: A Charitable Anthology (Cutting Block Press)
Swanson, Stan - Slices of Flesh (Dark Moon Books)


Cain, Kenneth W. - These Old Tales: The Complete Collection (CreateSpace Distressed Press)
Carroll, Jonathan - Woman Who Married a Cloud: Collected Stories (Subterranean Press)
Castle, Mort - New Moon on the Water (Dark Regions)
De Winter, Corrine - Valentines for the Dead (Shadowfall Publications)
Hand, Elizabeth - Errantry: Strange Stories (Small Beer Press)
Hirshberg, Glen - The Janus Tree (Subterranean Press)
Lane, Joel - Where Furnaces Burn (PS Publishing)
LaSart, C.W. - Ad Nauseam (Dark Moon Books)
Oates, Joyce Carol - Black Dahlia and White Rose: Stories (Ecco)
Onspaugh, Mark - Christmas Ghost Stories (Createspace)
Yardley, Mercedes M. - Beautiful Sorrows (Shock Totem)


Aisenberg, Joe - Carrie: Studies in the Horror Film (Centipede Press)
Amazing Kreskin, The, and Michael McCarty - Conversations with Kreskin (Team Kreskin Productions LLC)
Collings, Michael - Writing Darkness (CreateSpace)
Klinger, Les - The Annotated Sandman, Volume 1 (Vertigo)
Matthews, Araminta Star, Rachel Lee, and Stan Swanson - Write of the Living Dead (Dark Moon Books)
Morton, Lisa - Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween (Reaktion Books)
Paffenroth, Kim, and John W. Morehead - The Undead and Theology (Pickwick Publications)
Perry, Dennis R., and Carl H. Sederholm - Adapting Poe: Re-Imaginings in Popular Culture (Palgrave MacMillan)
Phillips, Kendall R. - Dark Directions: Romero, Craven, Carpenter, and the Modern Horror Film (Southern Illinois University Press)


Addison, Linda, and Stephen M. Wilson - Dark Duet (NECON eBooks)
Boston, Bruce, and Gary William Crawford - Notes from the Shadow City (Dark Regions Press)
Collings, Michael - A Verse to Horrors (Amazon Digital Services)
Dietrich, Bryan D. - The Monstrance (Needfire Poetry)
Ong Muslim, Kristina - Grim Series (Popcorn Press)
Simon, Marge, and Sandy DeLuca - Vampires, Zombies & Wanton Souls (Elektrik Milk Bath Press)
Turzillo, Mary A. - Lovers & Killers (Dark Regions)

The following will not appear on the Preliminary Ballot. As there are only
five works, they will proceed directly to the Final Ballot.


Bunn, Cullen - The Sixth Gun Volume 3: Bound (Oni Press)
Moore, Terry - Rachel Rising Vol. 1: The Shadow of Death (Abstract Studio)
Thornton, Ravi - The Tale of Brin and Bent and Minno Marylebone (Jonathan Cape)
Wacks, Peter J., and Guy Anthony De Marco - Behind These Eyes (Villainous Press)
Wood, Rocky, and Lisa Morton - Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times (McFarland)

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